Thursday, December 27, 2007

What the critics have to say

"The video photography was exquisite. Perfectly chosen faces and dredged recollections were edited to form a seamless narrative.
A vigorous Goan community came alive in multi-perspectives and meshed voices…
...Designing his own sets and lights, director Etienne Coutinho raised the word-ruled, music-drenched text to signify things beyond sounds, sparking an unquenchable spirit in the present, rimmed by the lights and shadows of the past. An experience for lovers of jazz, theatre and life.”
- Gowri Ramnarayan, THE HINDU

“The play weaves the past into the present with gravelly-voiced Bugs Bhargava Krishna embodying the bitter-sweet stories of the musicians, actors on video playing their friends, fellow-musicians and wives, and Rhys Dsouza, grandson of Sebastian Dsouza, showing us what the saxophone can do.”
- Shanta Gokhale, MUMBAI MIRROR

"Bugs Bhargava Krishna has you bewitched, bothered and bewildered and having hit the right note never goes off it... [He] delivers a performance that would make ‘em say, he’s got chops."
- Pragya Tiwari, MUMBAI MIRROR

“Young Rhys Sebastian D’Souza, (grandson of the jazz musician Sebastian D’Souza) is obviously gifted…”
- Eunice D’Souza, MUMBAI MIRROR

"I was moved inexplicably by the whole experience… When I see a play of this calibre, I am convinced that good theatre is still alive. "
-Vasanthi Sankaranarayan, Film historian and art critic

"A play so scathing and mercilessly funny in its indictment of Bollywood.Ramu’s script – with its iambic rhythms and cunning rhymes – is well exploited by Bugs Bhargava Krishna. His sense of timing and exuberant delivery brings to mind the frenzied, swinging beats of classic Jazz… Heaps of intelligent humour call for a memorable theatre experience. "
- Ankit Soni,

"[27th November 2007] was a day to remember as the play started an hour late due to a power failure in the city. However it must have been the magic of the Jazz era - that the audience waited. The show ran to a full house which had the who's who of Mumbai's theatre and music world. "


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