Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The group: Stagesmith

Stagesmith was born on 6th November 2007.

Stagesmith has been born because the time was apt for musings on topics such as the nature of dialogue, performance, and thought.

The Stagesmith game-plan is simple. We hope to stage infinite plays whichare concerned with: the nature of time, infinity, mirrors, dance & music, reality, politics, and identity.

A number of our plays shall focus on fantastic themes, such as a play whichcontains every play in the world; about a playwright who recalls all thelines in every play in the world; an artifact through which an audience cansee every play in the universe, and a year of time standing still, for an actor giving his 18th Curtain Call.

Stagesmith hopes to tell more and less realistic stories of life in Indiaand Bharat and Hindustan - and elsewhere. We want to narrate stories of folk heroes, ordinary workers, under-dogs, musicians, clowns, historical figures.

We want to mix the real and the fantastic: fact with fiction.Stagesmith wants to dream the impossible dreams; along with you, our audiences.

Denzil Smith

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